Mentalist’s Prediction Hammer by Maurice Fogel

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Effect: In operation the Fogel Prediction Hammer is similar to a billet knife. An inner tube of plastic, brass, or wood pushes the concealed dollar bill or billet from the interior of the hollow hammer into the egg or envelope. A projecting screw or metal stud is pushed by the performer’s thumb and slides toward the end of the hollow device, ejecting the bill in the direction of the arrow.

A perfect use of the Prediction Hammer is for a Headline Prediction that is stored in a sealed milk bottle. In this case, the billet is actually a thin piece of plastic sheeting (available at any arts and crafts store), with the prediction message written in indelible ink (such as with a fine-tipped paint pen). The plastic is rolled into a tight length, and a piece of adhesive tape used to prevent it from unwinding. This is loaded into the secret chamber in the hammer, which is released during the act of smashing the bottle. What could be more natural than to use a hammer to break a glass bottle?

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