Fantasy in Flame by Maurice Fogel

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Money is always an exciting theme and flame is always a No. 1 attention getter in magic acts. Here we have that combination, coupled with audience participation, suspense and mystery. A splendid list of ingredients for a good trick !

Effect: F iv e envelopes are seen, each one sealed and displayed on a small stand which is very simple and impossible to be anything but what it appears to be.

 Performer points out that one of the envelopes contains “something of value”. He lights a candle and invites four different spectators to go to his table and each select an envelope and burn it. However, keeping in mind that something valuable is in one of them, he is going to mentally influence their choice, if he can, thus controlling their actions so they do not burn the envelope he has in mind. Each spectator does as requested until four envelopes are reduced to*ashes, and one remains. It is opened and found to contain A FIVE (Hundred) DOLLAR BILL!

This trick takes only good showmanship to do – no skill, no moves.

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