Bewitched, Bottled and Bewildered by Maurice Fogel

(c. 1962) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Effect: It’s cute, it’s colorful, it’s different. Five bottles, each already covered with a cloth bag, are in a row on the table. After naming the different drink in each bottle, the performer invites a spectator to nominate his favorite drink. The same spectator is asked to move the bottles around and place five cards, numbered 1 to 5 , one in front of-each covered bottle. NO-ONE COULD POSSIBLY KNOW UNDER WHICH COVER AND’BEHIND WHICH NUMBER THE SPECTATOR’S DRINK WAS HIDDEN because HE MOVES AND NUMBERS THE COVERED BOTTLES AS HE WISHES.

From a small box he takes out a sealed envelope, tears it open and finds a postcard with a boldly written Prediction. When read out aloud THE PERFORMER’S PREDICTION IS FOUND TO BE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. IT’S REALLY SENSATIONAL


  • The bottles are genuine, all the same height, and each contains a DIFFERENT beer or soft drink.
  • The spectator is GIVEN his bottle at the end of the effect.
  • There is ONLY ONE box. It is IN FULL VIEW THE WHOLE OF THE TIME, It contains ONLY
    ONE sealed envelope.
  • THE SPECTATOR removes and opens the envelope.
  • THE SPECTATOR reads out the Prediction.
  • No confederates – No loading- No switching – No forcing – No ‘ Swami ‘ gimmick in fact IT IS
    100% NEW EFFECT.

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