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Mental Distance Divination by Fabrice Delaure

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Four small wooden tiles with a side of 5 cm (thickness = 10 mm). The tiles which carry a self-adhesive on their side are put on a table with the marked side downwards. A spectator who is in charge of mixing, shall then choose one and remember the pattern of its self-adhesive, put it back among the others, still with the marked side downwards and he shall then mix the whole once again. During this time the magician is standing in another room (or notably isolated) with something before his eyes. He can’t see anything. The latter is harshly controlled by another spectator. The magician can immediately reveal the inscription of the wooden shingle, which is seen by the spectator! This is done without camera, partner or microphone.

Three squares contain a transmitter, which is specifically coded and which contains rechargeable nickel cadmium batteries. The whole is sealed for good in a resin which is resistant to 1000 kg per cm2. This resin tile is recovered with a thin wooden film (mahogany wood). IMPOSSIBLE TO SEE ANYTHING! Each of the three squares also contain a mercury switch, which is capable of detecting when the tile is horizontal or vertical. As soon as the tile has been in a vertical position (as soon as it has been read) it starts to transmit its code. This code is translated into impulses (1 to 3) which are received thanks to a vibrating receiver situated between the belt and in the small of the back.

The receiver is in a separate case.

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1 review for Mental Distance Divination by Fabrice Delaure

  1. Andy Martin

    What about 6 stars? WOW THIS IS COOL!

    So we see all these electronic gadgets. Half the time they are noisy, too big, or some other madness. But these babies from Fabrice Delaure are wonderful! The wooden blocks look just like that 4 simple pieces of wood with 4 basic ESP shapes on them. You turn them over and mix them around. You can leave the room or just turn your back.

    The specator just lifts up one and looks at it, then replaces it. He can move the blocks around at this point – since your work is done. You can predict or divine what they chose instantly.

    Beautiful, functional, and small – just as hidden electronics should be. Totally self contained – you don’t need to even look at the blocks to know what they chose. Neither do you need to peek at some readout in a transmitter – you could do this in your underpants with a blindfold on!

    Keep them coming Fabrice!

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