Ten Little Giants II by Fabrice Delaure

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Another great mentalism item from Fabrice Delaure.

Approx. Price: $800.00 (08/2014) ***

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1 review for Ten Little Giants II by Fabrice Delaure

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Andy Martin

    This is still my favorite effect from Fabrice Delaure and I was pleased to pick this up back in August of 2014. I believe it was produced around 2001-2003. Fabrice no longer makes magic like this – it is all white board and iphone related gadgets. Whilst some of these are cool, I don’t think they are as magical, since there are so many screen transmission systems available to the general public anyway.

    The effect is simple: you hand the box of “giants” to the audience and they can take out as many of them as they desire – you can be out of the room and never need to see or touch the box again. I have affixed the names of American Presidents to the bottom of each giant so you can tell who they are. I leave a wallet in full view of the spectators, and when I return, I pick up the wallet and unzip the compartment and there are 3 (say) cards in there each depicting the name of the president.

    What I like about the box is that it is not high tech or glitzy – I preferred the original brown wooden boxes he used, but this black one up close doesn’t look as modern as it looks in the photos, and certainly looks devoid of any electronics.

    The transmitter and receiver work 100% of the time and are very reliable.

    Highly Recommended for collector’s of fine old school electronic miracles!

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