The Magic Medallion by Tannen’s

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Effect: The MAGIC MEDALLION is based on Al Koran’s brilliant Gold Medallion. It took the improvements of Tony Slydini, Glenn Gravatt and Sam Schwartz to put it in the miracle class for mere mentalists other than Al Koran himself. This is a practical method of producing a sensational mental mystery. Briefly, the effect on the audience is this. Three members of the audience are each asked to call out any one digit number. The numbers thus called are formed into a three-digit number, i.e., if one person calls out 3, the next calls out 1, and the third calls 5, the number formed would be 315.

Another spectator is handed a small black box and told to look inside. He finds a MEDALLION, engraved with various designs on its face. He is asked to turn it over and call out what he finds inscribed on the back. Turning it over, he finds a number . . . The NUMBER FORMED BY THE AUDIENCE 3 1 5.

This effect can be performed under the most exacting conditions and is professionally practical in every way. Complete with Medallion, Gimmick and Jewelry Box

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Includes: Printed Instructions.

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