Abbott’s Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks Vol. 2 by Stewart James

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Details: Enlarge your magic repertoire and amaze your friends with mystifying rope tricks you can easily learn from this legendary encyclopedia of rope tricks for magicians. Containing over 150 tricks, many created by masters of rope magic, this book shows you step-by-step how to perform the best rope tricks ever devised.

No matter how often you refer to it, this book will remain a complete and informative reference work that will be a valuable addition to your magic library. Grouped into nine chapters from knots and penetrations to cut and restored rope and more, this collection presents such effective tricks as Ralph Hull’s Famous Vanishing Knot, C.T. Jordan’s Mystifying Knot Trick, The Ropes and Rings Mystery, Loop the Loop, Nevil Maskelyne’s Leg Tie, Jordan’s Psychic Ring Release, The Famous Kellar String Tricks, Stanyon’s String Restoration, Carl Bremas Knotted Rope, The L.W. Simplicity Rope Restoration, Jamison’s Severed Rope, Liddle’s Phenomenal Rope Trick, The Tarbell Rope Mystery, The Encore Rope Trick, Eddie Clever’s Trple Cut Routine, Marvel Cut and Restored Rope, Maxam Triple Cut Rope Trick, the Bachelor’s Needle, Freer’s Master Muscle, The Hypnotized Rope, Grant’s Amazing Rope Secret, and many, many more. A special last chapter offers seven versions of the mythical Hindu Rope Trick. Each trick is clearly and precisely described and 510 illustrations add to the detailed presentations.

Rope tricks are always popular and this authoritative, comprehensive work on the subject gives the methods that the best rope magicians have used in their performances. Revealing the secrets of rope magic normally known only by professional magicians, this indispensable book is required reading for all aspiring and practicing magicians.


004 Photo of Sid Lorraine
005 Publisher’s Foreword
006 Photo of Stewart James
007 Dedication to John Mulholland
008 The Fable of the Hindu Rope Trick
009 Acknowledgements
015 Index


025 One Hand And One Knot
025 Cordini’s Double Knot
027 Ketch’s Nonsense Knot
030 Satan’s Quicker Than You Think
030 Tan Hock Chuan’s Appearing Knot
032 Dr. Fries’ The Fastest Knot On Record
034 Martin Gardner’s Magic Knot
034 Martin Gardner’s Chefalo Release
036 Martin Gardner’s Impossible Knot
039 Sander’s Phantom Knot
040 Dr. Fries’ The Illusive Knot
041 Lingley’s Swing-A-Way Knot
043 Loe’s Chefalo Developments
044 Loe’s “Shoelace” Variations
048 Ovette’s Repeat Knots
050 Joseph Keen’s Slip Knot
052 Tom Fitzgerald’s Take It Off
054 Enrique Solanas’ The African Knot
058 Phantini Vanishing Knot
058 Kaplan’s Cut And Restored Rope Knot
061 Lingley’s Omega Square Knot
063 Lingley’s Alpha Square Knot
065 Charles Harrison’s Perfect False Knot
066 The Invested Knot
068 John Penrose’s Steal Of The Red Knot
071 Douglas Hood’s The Climbing Knot
073 W. Hutton Scobie’s The Scobie Knot
075 Knottery
078 Hamilton’s Idea
079 Scurti’s Jumping Knot
081 U.F. Grant’s Spirit Knots

(Two Ropes)
88 Professor Edgar’S Rope Hitch
88 Dr. Raymond Stone’S Color Wrinkle
90 Rope And Coat Release
92 Bert Douglas’ Coffee And Doughnuts
94 U. F. Grant’S Comedy Doughnut Trick
95 Albright’S Impoved Ropes Through Neck
98 Lucier’S Psychological Discovery
100 Abbott’S Block-It
102 Eddie Joseph’S Lightning Escape
107 John Thornton’S Off The Cuff
110 The Amazing Randi’s Houdini’s Grandma
112 Abbott’S Thru And Thru
113 Abbott’S Within The Circle
117 Paul Curry’S Linked
118 Elizabeth Warlock’S Linklater
122 Jack Avis’ Loops Entwined
124 Peter Warlock’S Ringcord

(One Rope)
131 Jean Hugard’s Thumb Amputation
133 Hiniju Ring Mystery
135 Jim Ryan’sRope, Ring And Rod
137 Ken De Courcy’s Rope-It
138 Jean Hugard’s Einging A Pope
141 Bob Hummer’s Hummering
143 Release-O-Ring
146 Peter Warlock’s Out Of Tue Loop
149 Eddie Joseph’s Remarkable Release
151 Arturo’s A Ding Between
153 The Talisman Of Hung Woo
156 Blok-Kord
160 Ra. McDonald’s Houdini Block
164 Norman Rhodes’s Post And Ropes Illusion
169 Sid Lorraine’s Ribbonifty
170 Dr. Raymond Beebe’s Bisect-U
175 Uncanny Rope Mystery
175 Douglas Hood’sCutting A Lady In Halves
180 Abbott’s Whirling Dervish
181 Cyro’s Super-Duper Rope Trick

188 Martin Gardner’s Scissor Cut No. One
190 Martin Gardner’s Scissor Cut No. Two
190 Dr. Wiener’s Not At All
193 Eddie Joseph ‘s Sanoj Cut And Restored Rope
196 Arthur Punnar’s Perfected Restored Rope
199 Abbott’s Double Circle Rope Mystery
201 Abbott’s No-Knot Restored Rope
203 U. F. Grant’s Perfect Cut Rope Trick
205 William Boylston’s Clean Cut
205 Carlo’s Ez2do Rope Trick
210 Db. Fries’ A Sailor’s Rope
212 Lt H. Parrish’s Follow-Up Rope Trick
214 John Giordmaine’s Comedy Rope Trick
217 Eddie Joseph’s Chain Of Penitence
221 R. C. Buff’s Together Again
222 Tom Fitzgerald’s Cut And Restored Rope To Cigarette

230 Clayton Rawson’s Knots Of Flame
232 R.W. Hull’s Cut And Restored Rope
235 John Thornton’s Shaggy Dog Panama
236 The Rainbow Rope .
238 William Boylston’s Restored Rope Routine
240 Ken Allen’s If You Like it
243 P. C. Sorcar’s Restored Again
246 U. F. Grant’s Spectator Rope Trick
248 Larry Becker’s Cut And Restored Rope
252 Winston Freer’s “54” Rope Trick
256 Duke Stern’s Four-To-Two Rope Trick
260 Abbott’s Incredible Rope
263 Phoenix Cut And Restored Rope
269 Neff’s Miracle Rope

280 Torres Straits Lizard
280 The Idiot Rope Trick
283 U. F. Grant’s Comedy Rope Trick
287 Bruce Cole’s Thumb Tie Extraordinary
290 Abbott’s Slick Tie
293 Larrry Becker’s Knot Effect
295 Tan Hock Chuan’s Knot Effect
297 Abbott’s Handkerchief And Rope Penetration
301 Mystic Craig’s Spooky Rope
303 Abbott’s Long Smoke
304 Burton Marks’ Trunk Substitution

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  • Publisher: Abbott’s
  • Pages: 307
  • Location: Colon, MI, USA
  • Edited by: Stewart James
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″
  • Date: 1962
  • Binding: hardbound

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