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Improved Ultimate Brainwave by Bob Solari Magic

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Effect: The performer places a blue backed card case on the table. The performer asks the spectator to merely think of any card but not to announce it. The performer removes the blue deck from it’s case. The performer slowly spreads the cards face up between his hands asking the spectator to simply touch the face of the card they are thinking of. This thought of card is never announced by the spectator. The touched card is removed from the spread and placed face up on the table. The remainder of the deck is turned face down and spread on the table showing all blue backs. The thought of card is turned over showing it to have a red back! The description of this effect is 100% accurate!


  • The cards remain face up throughout the selection.
  • The spectator never announces the name of their thought of card.
  • No force of any kind is used.
  • Any card may be thought of.
  • There are no restrictions!
  • Resets instantly!
  • Special deck does most of the work for you.
  • Does it use roughing fluid? Yes, but only on two cards!

Once you use my method, you will never use another Brainwave deck!

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