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Color Block Escape Large by Sunil Batra

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This effect originally called Bloxo, was invented by John Rice and sold by Harry Stanley c. 1950.  Eddy Taytelbaum created an exquisite version which many of the modern day versions emulate because they use a rod instead of a ribbon to secure the blocks.

Effect: A spectator is asked to Freely select Any two color blocks of their choice. (No Force) All the blocks are placed back into the box and the lid is closed. All the color blocks can be seen through holes in the lid of the box. A large metal spike is threaded through the blocks and the box. The magician turns the box over and the two Freely Selected blocks fall free to the table! All of the other blocks remain secured on the metal spike! All is handed out for full examination.

  • Box measures a BIG 6 1/2 ” X 2 ” X 2 “
  • Excellent Quality!
  • Beautifully Constructed in Quality Hard Woods!
  • No Skill!
  • Complete with box, blocks, metal spike and easy to follow instructions.

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Approx. Price: $89.95 (2015) ***

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