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Hard Seven by Clarence Miller

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Clarence got the idea for Hard Seven after reading about how to force a number using a die and a matchbox in Dunninger’s Complete Encyclopedia of Magic. The size of the box was: 2 7/8″ x 2 7/8″ x 1 9/16″ and Clarence made 393 sets.

Effect: After shaking the box several times rolling different numbers the dice are made to do a spooky and slow-motion turn-over changing the random number into a seven: A winner the hard way.

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1 review for Hard Seven by Clarence Miller

  1. Steve Thomas

    Miller’s “Hard Seven”…

    As a big fan of Clarence Miller’s magic, I rate this one pretty high. He makes everything one at a time, by hand, and I count that for a lot. The effect is pretty startling. Remove the inlaid lid from the small box, show the 2 dice. Replace the lid, shake the box, mixing the dice. Remove the lid, show the disarray, replace the lid, do the magic…voila…the dice show a 7. You repeat it twice, each time making the magic seem more difficult. Very nice and well made.

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