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Nuts and Bolts by Clarence Miller

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This is a very clever penetration effect, that is simple to do and looks totally amazing. This is one where you will be happy with the method as well as the effect!  Measures: 3 9/10″ x 2 1/4″ x 3″ and Clarence only made 34 of these.

Effect: This small walnut cabinet is shown containing a nut threaded onto a bolt. The nut is unthreaded and the bolt is pulled free from the cabinet. A panel is placed into a slot on the front of the cabinet. The bolt is pushed through, and the nut is dropped into the cabinet. The panel is removed to show that the nut is threaded once again onto the bolt.

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1 review for Nuts and Bolts by Clarence Miller

  1. Andy Martin

    Clarence – this is Cool!

    Clarence Miller makes some very neat and clever wooden effects. This particular effect is a very straight forward and clean penetration of a solid nut on a solid bolt. This is one where you will be happy with the method as well as the effect!

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