The Card Box by Clarence Miller

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A brief historical aside before we get to Clarence Miller’s box … Card Drawer Boxes have been around at least as early as 1904 as I found this ad in the A. Roterberg Catalog #8, Chicago, IL, USA:

The Card Drawer Box (No. 229)
This consists of a shallow mahogany drawer and an inlaid case just large enough for the drawer. A selected card is inserted in the case. After pulling out the drawer a moment later, it is found to be quite empty. In the same way the drawer may at first be shown empty and a few seconds later a missing card is discovered in it. Both, drawer and case are finely made and will bear close inspection.

Back to Clarence’s wonderful entry in the Mini Drawer Box category.  This is beautiful example of Clarence Miller’s mini-magic. Walnut case with inlaid diamond and trim.

Effect: Used to produce small items and fits a full Poker sized deck with case.  The drawer can be fully removed and reinserted and then the deck can be produced.

Signed and dated by Mr. Miller inside the box. Clarence made a total of 267 card boxes.  The forerunner to this box was Clarence’s Drawer Box.  It measures: 4 1/8″ x 3 1/8″ x 1 5/16″.

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