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Chameleon Chest by Larry Becker

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This chest really is very beautiful and works very well. One of my favorite routines is this:

Effect: You distribute 15 different pieces of paper to them – 5 green, 5 yellow and 5 blue (or whatever colors) – and each member writes a question on their piece of paper – one on travel, one on sports, one on politics (or whatever – basically you ask them to ask a question in a topic area based on the color). They all replace them in a box and then another person chooses one piece of paper for each color and then you write the answers BEFORE they ask the questions.

There are many other effects including: a variation of Ned Rutledge’s Minding The Store, the Challenge Headline Prediction, Ultimate Q&A, Money Matters, Number Necromancy, Mirror Images, Key Effect, Executive Suggestion Box, Comedy Election, Stock Picker and more. The box looks very clean from all angles and its like a suggestion box.

It comes with a big book of instructions and routines with 21 pages from the ever fertile mind of Larry Becker. A great utility prop. Mikame Craft have a box that looks kind of similar and I was at a dealers store recently and looked at it. Although the Mikame Craft box is nice, it is nothing like this box and certainly cannot do the things you do with this one.

Viking Mfg. has expertly crafted this chest of select walnut with brass accents. The Chest measures: 8 5/8″ x 5 3/8″ x 3 5/8″ Silent in operation. Under your control.

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Approx. Price: $179.00 (2000) ***

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2 reviews for Chameleon Chest by Larry Becker

  1. Andy Martin

    Great Utility Device for Mentalists

    Very useful box for the force of billets, notes, cards etc. Comes with a bunch of potential routines and really has some strong ones!

    Beautifully made by Viking!

  2. Howard

    A Perfect Billet Box!

    Anything that Larry Becker puts out is very well thought out. Anything that is crafted from Viking you will be proud to own.
    Two great names go into the making of this great prop!

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