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Jack and Jill Jumbo by Viking Mfg.

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This is an updated version of the Steve Dusheck and Jimm Hill effect: Cases of Metamorphosis c. 1984, which itself was possibly based on the Wizzo Card Box sold by Kanter’s c. 1942.  All of these effects are versions of Al Baker’s Cherchez la Femme c. 1932 which was also published in Greater Magic c. 1938 (pg. 512).

Effect: Hand the frames out for examination if you like. Show two playing cards, a Jack and a Queen. Openly place the Jack inside one frame, the Queen in the other. The centers of both cards can be seen through the holes in the frames at all times. With a simple snap of your fingers, the cards switch places! When you remove the cards you may hand them out as well!

A classic metamorphosis effect where a portion of both cards remains visible at all times. If you wish, you can place a sticker signed by two spectators on each card. When the cards magically switch, the signature has also magically traveled from one card to the other! Even more baffling!

Jumbo measures: 8″ x 7.125″ x 2″; supplied with Jumbo Bicycle cards.

Each stand is hallmarked by Viking. This is a Trickery/Viking Exclusive, manufactured by Viking/CW for The Trickery. Supplied complete with Bicycle Poker cards.

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Approx. Price: $149.00 (2007) ***

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