Centurian – Large Gyp Pad (Magpad) by Ray Piatt

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I’ve always loved the method behind the Gypped line of effects. Centurian is similar to the Gyp Board but now using a very normal full size note-pad.  This was original known as the MagPad.

You receive the note pad with one pen and two Gyp features. Very clean and easy to do. This is particularly useful for stage and larger settings and it is easy to reload for each performance so the pad never runs out.

Effect: The performer hands an ordinary yellow pad to a spectator and asks her to write a number, the name of a fruit, a pet’s name, color, etc. and then pass it to someone else to do likewise. All this is done while the performer turns his back. After several people have written on the pad, the performer takes it, studies the list and asks one spectator to concentrate on her written item. The performer concentrates too and then places a check mark next to one of the items. As soon as the spectator calls out her item, the performer immediately turns the pad to the audience showing where he check marked the exact same item! This is repeated until only one-item remains. He circles it, tears off the sheet and hands it to the last spectator as a souvenir. This is so effective; it appears to be the “real thing” in pure psychic entertainment! Large is 8.5 x 11.75-inches. “Joe, this is the best mental “mouse trap” that Lisa and I have ever produced for the mentalist’s world.” –Ray Piatt “I told Ray that his “Magpad” might become, not only a real classic, but one of the best psychic items of this century. That’s why we changed its name to Centurian!’ –Joe Stevens

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