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Gyp-Pad Wallet by Ray Piatt, Larry Becker

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This is one of my favorites from Larry Becker & Ray Piatt.

Ray Piatt really has some nice effects using his Gyp principle. This one is still my favorite and I’m glad it is back in the Collection. I like it because the wallet is very straight forward and normal looking, and yet you can do some wonderful effects.

You can really tailor this to your own needs but one effect is where you say you are going to have a game of POKER without any cards. You go ahead and write the word POKER on the pad in the wallet and then put a check mark next to any letter. You now give the spectator a chance to guess any letter that you did not check. Of course they always pick your checked letter. This effect can be repeated without any fears.

It can be used to predict names, colors, places, etc – in fact anything you can write on the pad. There are no nail writes or other such devices and it is a wonderfully clever method.

This works like a dream, is easy to do, and instant reset.

Effect: Taking Gyp board into a brand new and exciting area-it has been transformed into a custom-made black, delicately padded, leather wallet. This is a professional utility device that has been very cleverly designed and produced with all psychic performers in mind. Inside the 31/2 x 51/2-inch handsome leather wallet is a 3 x 5 lined notepad. Many items may be called out which you openly list on the pad. You correctly predict a thought of item by check marking or underlining the exact word! No swami or scarab devices are used.

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1 review for Gyp-Pad Wallet by Ray Piatt, Larry Becker

  1. Andy Martin

    One of my favourites from Larry Becker & Ray Piatt

    This is so simple and clever you will love it. It has a bunch of uses and there are a number of versions out there. One basic and entertaining routine is as follows: you say you’re going to have a quick game of POKER without cards. You right the letters down on a notepad, and place a check mark next to a letter. The spectator has to guess any letter that you have NOT chosen – i.e. they have an 80% chance of being correct. Of course every time they do it they get it wrong!

    Very sweet! When Larry and Ray team up you can always expect real magic to occurr!

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