BrainSet by Ray Piatt

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I’ve always loved the method behind the Gypped line of effects. BrainSet is similar to the Gyp Board with a unique use of the markings and smaller to fit in your shirt pocket.

You receive a small dry erase board with two pens and two Gyp features. This board can be used for a number of ideas but one is you make a list of names (that can be given to you or you can have them pre-listed) and then you ask the spectator to think of any name and without showing them you circle one of the names. You then show them your prediction and it is the same as their choice. You can then repeat the effect this time underlining the predicted name. Both times you are 100% correct with no fishing. Very clean and easy to do.

Effect: Various names are called out from the audience, which the performer writes on the paper on his clipboard. A spectator is asked to concentrate on one name and the performer makes a prediction by marking one name. The spectator announces her choice and the performer immediately shows the paper with a check mark beside the chosen name. Furthermore, he circles the name with his marker and hands the paper to the spectator as a souvenir. No switching, swami or nail writing.

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