Boxxed by Larry Becker

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Boxxed is based on Spectromental which was introduced in Larry’s book World of Super Mentalism II c. 1979 and was first released in Larry’s first version of Stunners c. 1992.  The key method used in both Boxxed and Spectromental is unique to Larry Becker.

This version uses standard match boxes (Swan Vestas are a popular UK Brand), but Larry has had various versions made over the years including Boxxed II with exotic boxes.

Effect: Have a spectator place an object in the box and ask him to secure the box with heavy rubber bands. Instantly you know what is in the drawer of the box! This device would make even Superman loose his confidence, as it gives you X-Ray Vision. 

The drawer box is secured by stout rubber bands yet instantly you are empowered to know what the inside contents of the drawer are. Unquestionably this is a masterpiece of simplicity and mystery. No gimmicks! So easy to do.

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