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FISM Flash by John Cornelius

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Effect: The inventive and creative magician John Cornelius has won FISM twice: once in 1979 (first place in Close-Up) and again in 1985 (first place in Cards). c. 1976 he created the FISM Flash that he used in his award-winning act and after seven years of refinements he released it to the magic community.

Imagine for a second the almost unlimited possibilities of being able to produce a magical, brilliant flash of light anytime during your act . Close up or stand up. No flash paper, fire, or awkward gimmicks to dispose of . . . just a sudden burst of light that appears between your “bare hands,” without a single clue as to its origin. Repeat the effect in seconds.

If you wish, use it with any vanish or productions. It is the most advanced electronic device for producing a brilliant flash of light ever offered to the magic profession. Each unit is made with painstaking care to insure that it will stand up to any professional’s rigorous schedule. And because the flash producing gimmick is only a thin 1″ thick, it may be worn comfortably without fear of any telltale bulge. The silent triggering action is sure-fire and under your control at all times. And best of all. it operates for just pennies a flash on ordinary batteries.

While there were several attempts to reproduce the effect of vanishing or producing objects in a sudden burst of light, none come close to the “The FISM Flash” gimmick. The FISM Flash while being the most compact gimmick ever, produced three times the brilliance of light than any other unit of its time. It is no longer produced by John, and there have been many attempts to do better than John’s version but it took over 30 years before a worthy successor was produced for the magic community: The Cobra Flash.

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