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Perfect Pen by John Cornelius

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Effect: When John Cornelius first produced his Pen Through Anything, it was an instant success Now he has done it again. He has taken his fabulous effect and moved it into the miracle class. The effect is as before, a pen is seen to visibly penetrate another solid object – a bank note, a playing card, a coin, even a spectator’s jacket or shirt.

This new version, however is completely different, devilishly, undetectably gimmicked, only one pen is used throughout. It may be examined and it really does write. No switches, nothing is added or taken away. Carry this innocent seeming pen at all times and you are always ready to perform these sensational, visual effects.

So what do you do when everybody starts knocking off one of your best selling products? If you’re John Cornelius you do what you do best – you come up with a better idea. And that’s exactly what John has done.

The “Perfect Pen” is the new version of John’s “Pen through Anything,” and it is a quantum leap beyond the original. Only one pen is used and there is no switch. There is nothing added or taken away and the pen is examinable before and after the penetration effect. You can also incorporate Jim Krenz’ rip gaff and it in no way impedes the operation of the pen.

This is terrific. The pen is chrome with gold plating and it writes. The method is absolutely ingenious and will fly by the sharpest observer. Even if you have the old version, I think that you will probably want this version. When Jim Krenz demonstrated it for me at DMS I had no idea how it worked.

I doubt that the bottom feeders of magic are going to get a chance to knock this pen off. John has applied for a patent, and besides, I know that the readers of this column are people who do the right thing. This is a great item, and it has my highest recommendation.

(Michael Close – Magic Magazine, July 1996)
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