Deck Suspension by John Cornelius

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Effect: How would you like to carry the famous Aerial Broom Suspension in your coat pocket? Well, you can with John Cornelius’ Deck Suspension from 1992!  The props are simple: Two ball point pens and a deck of cards. Hand the pens out for examination. They appear ordinary enough. Spread the deck and show it. The cards are all single and separate and appear quite normal.

Cut the deck into two piles. Balance the two pens on the bottom stack of cards. Place the second half of the deck on top of the two pens.  No magic yet, but a good balancing act!

The magic begins. Carefully remove one of the pens. The cards remain suspended, just like in the Broom Suspension!!  It looks great! Replace the first pen. Remove the top stack of cards, remove the pens and show everything!! A great close-up illusion. One you will perform a lot!!

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