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The Man-Eating Plant by Harold Thomas, Unknown

(c. 1962,1995) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Beautiful, Unusual, Funny, and Rare. This is a beautiful prop custom made based upon Harold Thomas’  Man Eating Plant described in M-U-M, December 1962. It is very well made indeed and looks quite stunning up close.

Effect: Ladies & Gentlemen,when I was requested to be on this program, I decided to bring you something different -something that most of you had never seen before. I had the entire world as my hunting ground. I thought about going to the Far East, to China or Japan but I realized that most magicians had just returned from those places (that part for magicians’ programs only). So, I journeyed to Central America and there I found the Carnivorous or Man-Eating Plant.

Although considerable expense and some personal danger was involved, I have brought it here tonight and now have it under this black scarf. As long as the plant is under the black scarf, it is dormant and is not dangerous. But it hasn’t eaten in ten days, and should I remove the scarf, bringing the plant to life, it would be extremely hungry and would at-tempt to eat anything in its grasp. I intend to do this tonight.

The Man-Eating Plant attracts its victims with a strange hypnotic trance which it casts upon you, making you want to get close to it, pulling you to it. And, of course, once you are within range, it grabs you. We do not want any casualties tonight. So, I beg of you, when I re-move the cloth, if you feel the urge to come up here – DON’T.

Hold onto the arms of your chairs. If this doesn’t help, close your eyes. But do not give in to the urge to come to the plant. Now, please, each of you grasp the arms of your chair. Are you ready? Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Carnivorous or Man-Eating Plant.

(On saying these last words, cut the rubber bands with the scissors and at the same time, pull the black silk away. The plant will go into immediate action and we guarantee audience reaction of some kind.) 🙂

Text Source: Harold Thomas, M-U-M – December, 1962

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1 review for The Man-Eating Plant by Harold Thomas, Unknown

  1. Andy Martin

    Beautiful, Unusual, Funny, and Rare

    This is a beautiful prop custom made based upon the Karrell Fox Man Eating Plant. It is very well made indeed and one day when I perform it I know it will cause a lot of commotion.

    After a big build up you reveal the Man Eating Plant box, then after some byplay you are left with the spectators card partially bitten in one of the many sets of chomping teeth. Or something like that!

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