Chameleon Die by Pavel

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Effect: The magician show a large (4” cubed) black die with white spots. He shows it on all six sides, even tossing and catching it to show it solid. He also shows a long tube with a different color on each side. He holds the tube with the black side toward the audience and drops the die through, proving the tube empty. He lets the audience look right through it, proving this is no deception, the tube is empty.

Now, he turns the tube so it is red side toward the audience. He drops the black die through and it comes out RED. He shows the die all around and then turns the tube blue side toward the audience. He drops the die through and it comes out BLUE. Again, he shows it all around and turns the tube yellow side to the audience. The die is dropped through and comes out YELLOW!

Finally, the tube is give on final turn back to the black side and the die dropped through and it comes out black, as it began. The die is again shown all around and the tube completely empty.

Text Source: John Mendoza – 2016

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