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Children’s Learning Voodoo Kit by Larry White

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Effect: You get a corkboard in the shape of a coffin with a stylistic figure on it. wrapped in a piece of burlap tied with red yarn, and five push pins (one of a different color) in a little gold box labeled “Madame Double Kit Vaudou pour les Enfants,” and two pages of instructions/presentation in attractive cover.

Telling of a visit to a strange shop in New Orleans and being sold the “Kit Vaudou pour les Enfants,” to “begin to understand Vaudou,” the performer has four spectators freely choose one of the four identical push pins from the kit. One spectator is chosen as the voodoo “priest(ess).” All stick their pins in the voodoo “doll” while out of the performer’s sight.

Nonetheless, after removing the four pins, the performer is unerringly able to push the odd-color pin into the exact spot chosen by the priest(ess)! Can be repeated immediately, no reset.

I guarantee this will both fool and entertain your spectators. Superb props and presentation. Highly recommended.

(Phil Willmarth – Linking Ring, June 2002)
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Approx. Price: $22.00 (2002) ***

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1 review for Children’s Learning Voodoo Kit by Larry White

  1. Andy Martin

    Great Value and Great Effect!

    This Voodoo Kit by Larry White is surprizingly good, particularly given the price. It is not expensive and although the props are not ultra high-end they are perfect for this effect, and look authentic.

    The effect is a very clean divination of 1 out of 4 pins used to pin the doll involving the Designated Voodoo Queen.

    No sleights and a clever method, make this a great trick to own, and hopefully use.

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