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X Link by David Mann

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Effect: Just ask yourself these linking questions:

Shouldn’t a new linking effect be the most visual linking ever performed? Shouldn’t a new linking effect be truly convincing to the spectators and throw off those who think they are in the know? Shouldn’t a new linking effect be performed with common items that could be borrowed? Shouldn’t a new linking effect allow for many different routines and variations? Shouldn’t a new linking effect have the ability to be performed very close to the spectators and surrounded? Shouldn’t a new linking effect use a new method using a combination of the old methods? Would you like to do a linking effect but find the rings or ropes old news, too difficult to perform, not practical for your performance environment, too many magicians perform them already, too many people know their secret, or a whole slew of reasons why you don’t use these effects?

Well if you answered yes to any of the above then X-Link might be just the trick your looking for.

Here is the basic effect:

Three Hematite beaded bracelets are passed out for examination. The spectators will find that the bracelets only come apart at the clasp and the clasp must be unscrewed to open. The bracelets are strung together with a heavy elastic to prove that there are no breaks in each bracelet’s chain except for the clasp.

You then take each solid bracelet, and link the bracelets together! The bracelets are REALLY LINKED – no optical illusion (because the bracelets are beaded and strung on heavy elastic, the bracelets can be pulled on to display that there are no breaks in them whatsoever)!

You continue to magically link and unlink the bracelets right in front of your audience! You can even incorporate other items like a spectator’s watch, necklace, or even a borrowed finger ring.

X-Link is a fantastic new trick that utilizes the best of both tricks the linking rings and linking ropes and may be performed close-up and surrounded, fits in your pocket or on your wrist, and is a wonderfully entertaining piece of magic.

Comes with three 8-inch black Hematite bracelets and all the props necessary to perform. Easy to learn instructions and illustrated routine are included.

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