Ring Escape by Vienna Magic

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A really wonderful impossible penetration from the clever mind of Wolfgang Grosskopf at Vienna Magic. It is a variation of his amazing Ring Tower and uses the same basic method and mechanism without the castle theme which might be more suitable for some routines.

Effect: This is the kind of effect that will even fool yourself! You’ll do it, and you won’t believe your eyes! Borrow a ring and place it under a clear Plexiglas cover, as shown in the photo. The ring, trapped under the clear plastic, is covered with a square plastic tube. The top of the tube is removed to show the ring still inside the plastic box. The tube top is replaced. A small plastic stick is pushed through the sides of the tube, well above the ring and plastic box.

When the tube is removed, the ring has vanished! The crystal box is empty! The top of the tower is once again removed, and there is the ring, hanging on the magic wand!

Completely mechanical. No threads; no magnets. The method will delight you, for sure. Very easy to do.

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