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Golden Key by Rob Bromley

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This is an unauthorized version of Viking’s Kineti-Key.

Effect: A great effect in which a key is removed from a small jewelry box and displayed at the fingertips. The bit or tang at the end of the key is caused to move around the shaft of the key. Then the bit is slid the length of the key towards the opposite end, where it remains and cannot be budged. Very nicely made.

Can be minutely examined.

(Description supplied with permission by Joe Long)

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Approx. Price: $24.00 (2005) ***

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1 review for Golden Key by Rob Bromley

  1. Richard Mendez

    I have always loved this pocket close-up effect that never fails to amaze and astonishment. Packs small, plays huge and resets instantly. Ideal for strollers and table hoppers and comes highly recommended.

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