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Words of Wisdom by Donal Bergin, Supreme Magic Company

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Effect: This is an excellent pocket-version of our “Elusive Lady”. The magician shows the face of three plaques. Two bear the word wrong, one has the word right. In the plot, based on whether the performer himself knows the difference between right and wrong, the right plaque is very elusive. Then all the plaques bear the word right. Finally, producing a logical and amusing climax, one plaque reads right, one bears wrong and the third carries some philosophical advice – Two wrongs never make a right!

We supply the three, gold-worded black plaques (round cornered), in a neat carrying  wallet. We also supply illustrated instructions by Ken de Courcy.

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1 review for Words of Wisdom by Donal Bergin, Supreme Magic Company

  1. Donal Bergin


    I have scored this trick 5 stars for the simple reason that it’s my trick. Yes, my name is Donal Bergin (not Donald as Supreme Magic advertised it !) and I invented and sold ‘words of Wisdom’ to Supreme Magic in Devon England 22 years ago. I was the tender age of 17 at the time.

    I am now retired from professional magic but would be so delighted to know if anyone out there used or is using ‘Words of Wisdom’ in there act.II am living in Dublin Ireland and would love to here from anyone who owns my trick Thank you : [email protected]

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