Mystery of the Chinese Idol by Supreme Magic Company

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Effect: The Chinese Idol is beautifully hand-painted, crafted to perfection. and to some is ‘God of Plenty’. Many people believe that the possession of this figure can bring good luck and good fortune to its owner. We hope that it may do that for you. The little figure is much more than a decorative ornament, although if displayed in your display unit in your lounge. would be the pride of anyone, a certain talking point. 

The Mystery of the Chinese Coin: A short length of silken cord is shown and from it is removed a gold-colored Chinese coin; a coin with a hole in the center. The silken cord is placed in the magician’s t op breast pocket; the ends of the cord, however, hanging at all times in full view. There is no exchange of cords. The gold coin is placed on the table and surrounded by a ring of plastic, referred to as ‘the magic circle’ and this, in turn, is covered with a solid plastic disc. A spectator whispers a secret wish into an ear of the god. “If the wish is t o come true”, says the magician. “the god will accept the gift of gold”. The spectator himself lifts the plastic cover, examines ‘the magic circle’, but the coin has gone. Everything can be immediately examined! The magician explains that although this IS very good, the only snag is, he would like to perform the feat again at some future show, so would naturally like his Chinese coin back! ” All’s well that ends well” – he grasps hold of the ends of the cord which have been at all times 10 full view. Slowly he draws the cord from his pocket there, firmly tied on the center of the cord is the missing Chinese coin!!! You get everything to perform this great trick – Chinese coin , silken cord, circle, disc – all you need. You will say it’s a fantastic trick.

The Whispering God: A borrowed pack of cards can be used. Five people each take a card from the pack. One by one in dramatic manner, names of the cards are revealed with the aid of the small god. There’s a surprise climax when you apparently fail to reveal t he last card; but a tantalizing twist when a miniature of it appears! Yes, we supply the miniatures too! You can use any borrowed pack of cards and you are all-set for an entertaining mystery that your audiences will remember.

Magnetic Force: An extraordinary revelation of a chosen card. The audience will credit this small figurine with amazing powers which, indeed, he does possess.

The Chinese coin penetrates through: A fantastic offbeat mystery when the Chinese coin – (yes, it can be marked) mysteriously penetrates through, entering into a borrowed wine glass.

Coin Vanish: This is’a fooler to lay people and magicians alike!

FIVE first-rate tricks; each worth more than the price which you are asked to pay for this complete collection of material.

Not only do you receive all the specially designed pieces to create the five effects we offer, but also a Booklet given FREE with every outfit.

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Approx. Price: $15.00 (2006) ***

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