Japanese Coin Purse by Howard Schwarzman

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This limited edition item was released by the famed specialist dealer, performer and inventor Howard Schwarzman.

Effect: This quality, fold-over, snap flap leather coin purse has a clear plastic window on one side through which your audience can see any coins inside. Because of its unique, secret design, it has numerous uses and applications.

For example, show four coins inside the purse, dump them on the table, snap the purse closed and set it on the table as well. Perform your favorite “Coins Thru the Table” or “Matrix,” then go into the surprise climax by having a spectator mark one of the coins. Vanish the marked coin then pick up the purse and show that it has reappeared inside. Unsnap the purse and shake the marked coin into your hand.

In addition to “Climax Surprise”, you’ll receive “The Triple Treat”, “Coincidentally”, “The Great Escape” and “Suddenly Oriental.”

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Approx. Price: $60.00 (2010) ***

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