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Sea-Ling’s True Love by Richard Gerlitz

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Another great close-up item from Richard Gerlitz.

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Approx. Price: $1200.00 (2005) ***

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3 reviews for Sea-Ling’s True Love by Richard Gerlitz

  1. George Guerra

    A True Beauty Indeed!

    I have been collecting Richard’s magic since the Silk Vanish Crystals were released on ebay in June of 2001. I have always admired his stuff, though admittedly have missed several of his latest releases. Decided to try this one after Richard showed a particular enthusiasm for it. It came in the mail today and there is no doubt in my mind it’s his best release to date. I was so happy to add this little treasure to my magic collection.

    The meticulous craftsmanship is only matched by the precision, smoothly operating mechanism that does the magic for you. I couldn’t believe that Richard could surpass himself, but he surely did on this one. I am particularly passionate of this piece as the size fits nicely with my Mini-Magic interest. It is expensive, but once you see the apparatus, the cost will be greatly justified. Besides his magic has become quite collectible and an investment. His last release, the Butterfly Boxes, sold on the Martinka auction for 340% of its initial cost. I just don’t know what else I can add, but thanks, Richard, for your contribution to magic.

  2. Doug King

    Falling into "True Love"!

    We’ll… it looks like Andy and George have said it all! This is a masterpiece… and works like a charm. I have always said that the Gerlitz "Butterfly Boxes" were #1… but the more I play with the new Gerlitz "True Love"… that more I fall in love and is fast becoming my favorite! Of all the collectibles to look at and perform… this one outweighs them all!

  3. Andy Martin

    True Love Indeed!

    Ok, so I’ve been holding back from buying Richard Gerlitz’s beautiful magic for a couple of years now. But when this beauty appeared on Richard’s site I decided it was high time I indulged myself again. Richard’s magic is the most ingenious and intricate available today – bar none. It also turns out to be hugely collectable now too. Because of the small runs that Richard does if you are ever lucky enough to get in early you will have a solid investment.

    This new item from Richard is as close to perfection as you can get. It is small, clever, beautiful, easy to do, easy to reset, and easy to understand! Now you won’t be doing this during your walk-around gigs, but in your den and for those special close-up shows it will fit the bill very nicely. It is truly a magical piece.

    Sea-Ling’s True Love is an expensive item, but when you receive it you will instantly appreciate its value. It works flawlessly the way you would like it to work. There are no funny moves or awkward pauses. One minute the ring is off the next it is on.

    When I look at all the pieces of Richard’s work that I have been lucky enough to own I feel quite sure that this is my favorite thus far.

    Thank-you Richard for continuing to produce incredible and beautiful magic.

    You had me when I saw the very first photo.

    Most highly recommended if you have the spare cash!

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