UF Grant’s Pin Cushion Glass by Limited Edition Magic

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A very unique penetration effect which is best witnessed under unusual magic performance conditions …. the brighter the light … the better!  A perfect replication of Grant’s original and very rare apparatus.

Effect: Performer exhibits a small raised circular platform, an acrylic drinking glass, and a knitting needle. He says that the platform actually belonged to a witch and the circular altar will allow him to perform a miracle. He then fills the glass with water and places it onto the platform. He picks up the needle and pushes it right through the glass….in one side and out the other! The illusion is surprisingly strong.

And as stated above, it looks better under brighter lights and with the spectator at least a few feet away as Grant suggests. The performer then slowly removes the needle from the glass, yet no water spills as there are no holes! For the kicker that would probably puzzle magicians…..the glass, the needle and even the stand (after a very easy clean up) can all be passed for examination! There’s nothing to find!

If you enjoy offbeat glass penetrations, this optical fooler is one you need to experience first hand. It’s one of those unusual effects that you’ll have fun showing your magic pals.

(Description supplied with permission by Joe Long)

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