Penetrative Card Frame by Limited Edition Magic, Thayer Quality Magic

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It’s a great effect, not to be confused with a card/glass frame. A thin wooden frame (without glass) is displayed, along with a separate covering piece that has a star trap in the center. A playing card (Bicycle poker size) is placed face up into the frame and secured with latches on the back side. The face of the card is clearly visible. The covering piece is attached to the frame using bolts on each side. The card is still visible above and below this piece. Immediately and without any cover, a pencil, rod, wand, etc is run through the star trap and shown to come out the back …. penetrating the card!

This looks great, and the clean handling will puzzle most magicians. In the end, the center piece and card are removed and all pieces may be handed out for examination. Ingenious design. Expertly crafted in mahogany, almost identical to the original Thayer release. Mint condition. With photocopy of the original Thayer instructions.

Effect: A card, chosen from the pack is thumb-tacked on the back of a neat mahogany frame. Next a little narrow cross bar with a small center star trap is secured to front of frame by means of neat brass thumb screws at either side.

Performer now passes his wand or a lead pencil through the trap in cross bar and completely through the card from front to rear. Likewise a lighted cigarette, and lastly a silk handkerchief is passed through, the card offering no resistance whatsoever. Finally the frame, card and cross bar are again disassembled, and everything passed for inspection. The card is uninjured.

We have two great features of improvement to offer relative to the merits of this charming deception. First, and the most important is the superior type of construction, and second that all parts may be passed for inspection both before and after the experiment. For a real trick its equal is hard to find. Any pack of cards may be used.

(Description supplied with permission by Joe Long)

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