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Sword of The Ring by Magic Wagon, Trickery

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The performer displays a beautiful wooden cabinet. The front door is then opened allowing a view of the clean interior. A ring is now borrowed from a spectator and placed onto the cushion of a ring pedestal. Next, the pedestal along with the spectator’s ring is openly placed into the cabinet and the front door is closed. The performer now picks up a miniature brass sword and shows it to be perfectly solid. The brass sword is then inserted through a slot at the top of the cabinet and both ends of the sword can be seen either side of the cabinet.

With absolutely no hesitation, the performer pushes the sword straight down to the bottom of the cabinet. When the door is again opened, the brass sword is found to have magically penetrated right through the spectator’s ring! The sword can then be removed through the slots at the front of the cabinet showing the borrowed ring to be unharmed and allowing it to slide down the sword and fall off into the spectator’s awaiting hand!

The tower unit cannot be fully examined but the sword and holder can be and everything looks clean.

This was a precursor to a improved version that came out in 2018. Click here for more details on the 30+ year history of this effect.

Effect: A small cabinet, a miniature sword and a ring pedestal are shown. The performer borrows a ring from a spectator and a borrowed ring is then placed into a pedestal. The pedestal is openly placed on the cabinet’s floor and the door is then closed. The performer now picks up the sword and shows all around to be solid. A sword is then inserted into the sides of the cabinet near its top. With absolutely no hesitation, the performer pushed the sword down through the ring! When the front door is again opened, the sword is found to have magically penetrated right through the spectator’s ring! The performer then pulls the sword forward though the slots showing the ring to be unbroken and allows it to fall out from the sword into the spectator’s awaiting hand!

  • Use ANY borrowed ring. This will work with any type and style of ring as long as it fits into the pedestal.
  • It can be instantly repeated with absolutely no re-setting.
  • Completely self contained. Nothing is added or taken away.

This hand-crafted beauty is one of the marvels of true craftsmanship which you will admire.

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Approx. Price: $349.95 (2007) ***

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2 reviews for Sword of The Ring by Magic Wagon, Trickery

  1. Andy Martin

    5 Stars for: Craftsmanship, Ingenuity, and Entertainment!

    Readers of my reviews know already how enamoured I am with the items from the Magic Wagon. Their Collecter Line, in particular, is amazing! Well their latest item was developed in collaboration with Howie at The Trickery and it is the best thing they have done so far. All of their work has looked amazing but sometimes the impact of the effect does not match up to the beauty of their creations. Not so with the Sword of The Ring – this is a real fooler for sure.

    You show the ornate box very openly and cleanly, take out the ring holder at the bottom and borrow any ring. The spectator places the ring in the holder and it is placed at the bottom of the Ring Tower. Everything is exactly as it looks. You close up the tower and hand out the sword for examination too. You now rest the sword at the top of the tower in two grooves and then slowly but surely lower the sword. Both ends can be clearly seen at all times and yet when you reach the bottom the ring is clearly on the sword and can be taken out by the spectator if desired.

    This is a very clean penetration with beautiful props. Reset is immediate and there are no sleights, nothing is added or taken away, etc. There is one thing you have to do but it is trivial and covered beautifully in the routine – there is zero heat on you at the time of this "move". What is particularly nice is that when the penetration takes place the audience can really be staring and they’ll see or hear nothing – it looks very convincing.

    The tower unit cannot be fully examined but the sword and holder can be and everything looks clean.

    If you have liked their other pieces then for sure you will get this. However, if you want only one piece then this would be it. Why not start your collection today – they have plenty more items on the way too!

    Highly Recommended!

  2. Greg

    Amazing in Effect. Amazing in Quality.

    I am so impressed by the quality of workmanship that is coming out of Magic Wagon, especially with their Collector’s Line. This effect is no exception. As a matter of fact, it may be their best effort to date.

    When I heard that Howard at the Trickery – whom I’ve always admired for his attraction to hand crafted magic – was working with Magic Wagon to raise the bar on this classic effect (remember Tenyo’s version?), I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I was not let down. This piece is quality from ground up, with attention paid to every aspect of the assembly and finishing. The effect looks magical and works perfectly. I want to use it, but I’m afraid to take it out of its packaging for fear of damaging it.

    Don’t worry, I’ll use it. But my hesitation just proves how beautiful this mini-illusion is. If you appreciate proven effects that are crafted with pride, don’t pass this up. It looks wonderful, works flawlessly and makes people crazy when they see it performed.

    Costly? Yes. Over-priced? No. When I see this much effort and care put into any product, I consider it an investment, not a purchase.

    Stop reading this and buy one now. It’s that good.

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