Nakorn Nail by Magic Wagon

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Effect: Three genuinely opaque cups and a cylindrical wood nail which is attached to the solid wooden stand are displayed. While the performer’s back is turned, the spectator is asked to cover the wooden nail with one of the cups and then mix them a bit so even the performer won’t know which of the three cups covers the wooden nail. The performer then turns around and proceeds to crush each cup one by one with his open hand until only one remains. The remaining cup is lifted to reveal that the dangerous nail was there all along!

Nakorn’s Nail is beautifully crafted from the finest selected teak by master craftsman. The entire unit is small enough to carry with you in your jacket pocket and you’re always ready to perform anytime anywhere!

Nail length approximately 3.8cm
Wooden stand approximately 1.2cm x 4.8cm

We are not liable for any misuse and any injury that may incur due to carelessness on the part of the performer and will not sell it to anyone under the age of 18.

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Approx. Price: $69.95 (2007) ***

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