Floating Power Perfected by Limited Edition Magic, Mark Jacobs

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Joe and Paul are back with another clever take on an rare effect this time from the UK.  The original Floating Power was created by Marc Jacobs and built by John Snyder c. 1942. This new version created by Limited Edition Magic looks better than the original and has one huge improvement that makes it even more deceptive and now easier to do!

Wand placed through holes in cabinet on which ball has been placed. Back and front doors slide into place. Wand slowly removed and ball is distinctly heard to drop. Floating Power now goes to work. Wand re-inserted in cabinet, front and back doors removed. Floating Power has been successful for there upon the wand is the ball.

When you buy Floating Power you are not only buying a trick but a modern miracle which apparently defies all laws of gravity. From the magician’s point of view this will be the one perfect trick in his show. Easy to do with no magnets, no threads, just that certain something.

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