Say Cheese by Mike Bent, Michael Kaznetsis

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This effect was originally created by Michael Kaznetsis and an effect called Polageist c. 1982.

Effect: Use Your Polaroid Instant Joy Camera to Blow Away Your Friends with Eight Cool Magic and Special Effects.

  • Picture this. You hand someone an empty plate to hold and then take out one of those nifty new Polaroid Joy Cam compact instant cameras. Ask your mark to “Say Cheese” and snap his picture. When it develops, to everyone’s surprise there is a big hunk of Swiss cheese sitting right there on the plate.
  • Or try this. When you and a friend are out on a walk, offer to show her a new card trick. She selects the Three of Clubs. You try to find her card, but fail. “Oh well,” you say “I guess it needs some work.” A few minutes later you offer to take her picture. “Smile.” When it develops, you have a nice portrait of your friend, but there is a huge blimp flying in the sky above her with THREE OF CLUBS written across it.
  • Or, her card is mysteriously graffitied on the wall behind her. Or, you can prove, once and for all, that your friend is a Werewolf.

You can buy a fresh pack of film and load it in front of the spectator. Say Cheese is a secret way to gimmick a Polaroid Joy Cam camera to do your evil bidding and produce eight cool effects.

Here is a wonderfully goofy trick from the wonderfully goofy Mike Bent. The effect is based on Michael Kaznetsis’ Polageist in which an image of a selected card magically appears on a Polaroid photograph. Say Cheese uses the Polaroid Joy Cam compact instant camera. Mike provides you with a variety of images, including playing cards, cheese, UFOs, and pentagrams. It is a simple matter to gaff the camera with one of the images. You then position the spectator in the viewfinder, snap a picture, and when the picture develops there is an extra, eerie image on the photograph. Because of the design of the images you’ll want to steer toward a lighthearted presentation rather than a serious demonstration of psychic ability. (Visualize Uri Geller performing in Toontown.) Simple to do, simple to set-up, and the gaffs are reusable. If the effect appeals, Say Cheese is worth checking out.

(Michael Close – Magic Magazine, June 2001)
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