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Perpetual Calendar by Aldo Colombini, Peter Duffie

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Effect: Here you will find four effects using cards and a calendar (or pocket diary). Fill up the days with the names of the cards as per the templates shown in the instructions and you will have a calendar that presents a unique feature: 

  • CENTRIFUGAL DIARY (Peter Duffie)
  • HAVE A DATE (Aldo Colombini)
  • THE DIARY OF DELUSION (Peter Duffie)
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Aldo Colombini)

“Perpetual Calendar” consists of four self-working routines that use a small pocket calendar (which is provided). There is a playing card printed on each day of the year. None of the routines is the typical “Birthday Book” type routine that has become popular of late. Peter Duffie’s “Centrifugal Diary” is a prediction effect. Using a deck of cards, a spectator determines a month and day of the year. (This is done by cutting a bunch of cards, shuffling them, sorting out the court cards, and separating the reds and blacks. The spectator counts the number of court cards, and then picks either the red or black cards and counts those. The number of court cards determines the month of the year, the number of the selected-color cards determines the date.) The spectator looks up the determined date in the calendar and the card at that date is noted. A prediction envelope is opened (it has been in sight the entire time). The card in the envelope matches the card on the selected date. The other Duffie trick, “The Diary of Delusion,” is also a prediction effect, but it uses an entirely different method to determine the card.

Aldo Colombini offers two routines, “Have a Date,” a prediction effect that uses the Bob Hummer CATO principle, and “Birthday Location,” in which the card printed on the spectator’s birthday turns out to be the only card in the deck with an odd colored back.

While not earth-shaking, the four effects are good. Since little or no skill is required they will be of most interest to the hobbyist. If the effects appeal, I think you’ll find them worthwhile.

(Michael Close – Magic Magazine, September 1999)
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