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Forgetful Frankie by Mike Bent

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Forgetful Frankie was created by Mike Bent. It is his version on the classic Forgetful Freddie routine created by Milbourne Christopher c. 1951, featured in Hugard’s Magic Monthly (June 1951 page 801). Freddie was was first marketed by Bev Taylor’s Town House Magic.

Effect: Show a 17″ Forgetful Frankie. Frankie is a very level-headed individual. Actually sewn together from many individuals. Explain to the kids that he’s very forgetful. In fact he would forget his own head if it wasn’t bolted on. I’ll To demonstrate, you unbolt his head from his body. The first bolt makes a loud cranking noise, so does the second, but Ouch! there’s a huge shower of sparks. The kids will scream.

Place Frankie’s head in his blankie. Sure enough, his head vanishes only to be replaced by a small balloon. Blow up the balloon, draw a face and place it where his head was. Have the kids make noises like thunder and lightning. Suddenly, the balloon pops showing that Frankie’s head is back where it belongs.

Comes complete with a full-color Frankie, Special base, Vanishing bag, Ratchet/spark gimmick, Balloons, and Mike’s hilarious routine.

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