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Rainbow Deck II by Randy Wakeman

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Effect: Randy’s Rainbow Deck II is the most stunning blockbuster finish to a magic routine you can imagine! Directly put, this is the most fabulous deck of cards ever made. Far from a “one trick wonder,” this professional prop is fifty-two effects in one. And more! For years, magicians in the know have gladly paid over $100 per deck for barely adequate custom “rainbow decks.” That’s why the original “Randy’s Rainbow Deck” was such a smash hit and quick sell-out!

It’s all-new, and it’s back with more striking backs than ever, and it is gorgeous!

Basic Effect: The close-up Miracle-maker explains that there is a single card with a “slightly different back” from the rest of the deck he has been using. The spectator’s freely selected card is shown to have a wild and crazy full color back. For the grand finale, the entire deck is ribbon spread face down to reveal an explosive, dazzling display of fifty-two completely different BREATHTAKINGLY FULL COLOR BACKS!

  • POKER SIZED, white border playing cards
  • 52 COMPLETELY different full color backs, visually stunning
  • SMOOTH SPREADING, deluxe linen finish cards (no clumping, no bunching)
  • BEAUTIFULLY rendered 4 color court cards, to blend seamlessly with most other decks
  • HIGHEST QUALITY casino card stock, average 11 pt. density – THE VERY BEST
  • COMPLETELY DIFFERENT full color images from the original 10,000+ selling, sold out Randy’s Rainbow Deck. The magical applications never end!

Quantities are limited. To avoid disappointment, order yours today!

A few years ago, Randy Wakeman released his “Rainbow Deck,” and it was enthusiastically received by close-up magicians. A Rainbow Deck, if you’re unfamiliar with the concept, is a standard 52-card deck in which each card has a different back design. It is possible to assemble such decks in bridge-size cards (although it is expensive, time consuming, and often difficult to find decks with white borders), but it is almost impossible to assemble a poker-sized Rainbow Deck. Randy solved that problem by having the cards specially printed. Fie has now released “Rainbow Deck II,” which contains completely different backs from the original “Rainbow Deck.” The images used for the backs of the cards appear to be from a clip art collection. However, the actual images used are of no consequence, what is important is the kaleidoscopic flash of colors you get when you spread the deck between your hands or on the table. “Rainbow Deck II” produces this nice flash.

Why use a Rainbow Deck? Well, any Colorchanging Deck routine is enhanced when the deck changes into a Rainbow Deck. In addition, there are certain prediction tricks (one is included with “Rainbow Deck II”) where a prediction is thought to be incorrect until it is turned over and shown that the card the spectator selected and the predicted card are the only two cards with a standard Bicycle Rider back. As a kid I performed Derek Dingle’s “Color Triumphant” with a Rainbow Deck and the results left nothing to be desired. I would also imagine that Doug Conn’s “Chameleon Sandwich” (see Tricks of My Trade) would also be enhanced by using a Rainbow Deck.

If you’re having a hard time thinking of ways to use a Rainbow Deck, you may want to order The Rainbow Deck book, also available (for $10) from Randy Wakeman. Twelve routines are described from such creators as Ed Mario, Clarke Crandall, Jon Racherbaumer, Ken Brooke, Gene Castillon, Mike Powers, Ron Bauer, and Randy Wakeman. None of the routines require advanced card handling ability, and all utilize the Rainbow Deck to good effect.

All in all, this is a very worthwhile prop. I’ve had lots of fun with a “Rainbow Deck II,” and I’m sure that you will, too.

(Michael Close – Magic Magazine, October 2000)
Text Source: michaelclose.com – click for details

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Approx. Price: $20.00 (2004) ***

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1 review for Rainbow Deck II by Randy Wakeman

  1. Andy Martin

    The best Rainbow Deck?

    Most rainbow decks are made up of a collection of random cards from real decks. Sometimes the colors are wrong, they don’t have borders, they don’t fan smoothly, or they are not all precisely cut to the same size.

    This deck is different: it was specially printed to have different backs from the outset. Very well produced and useful for many different card effects if you use your imagination.

    The only possible issue I have with it is that some of the designs don’t really look like card backs at all – just 52 almost random images. Not sure if this is really an issue, but if I was to show you some of the designs you would not think it was a card back. Again this might not really be an issue, just a thought.

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