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Perfect Crime by Mark leveridge, Per Clausen

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One of my favorite items from Mark Leveridge made beautifully by Per Clausen. A borrowed ring mysteriously transports itself from the silver box to the green box all very cleanly and right in front of the Spectator. Great props, routine and easy to do.

Effect: Perfect Crime – the magical way to “steal” a lady’s valuable ring! Two brass boxes are shown, one with a green base and lid, the other silver.  A spectator drops her ring into the silver one and the lid is screwed on. A penny belonging to the performer is dropped by the spectator into the green box.

The green box is placed on one spectator’s hand, the silver on another. Without touching the boxes, the performer causes the penny and ring to magically change places leaving him with the ring and the lady with the penny!

High quality props and an ingenious method make this a straightforward effect to do. Comes with brass boxes, fakes and carrying bags.

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Approx. Price: $75.00 (2005) ***

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1 review for Perfect Crime by Mark leveridge, Per Clausen

  1. Andy Martin

    Fine Quality Props and Great Idea!

    I really like this effect from Mark Leveridge and beautifully manufactured by that master Chip guy Per Clausen.

    In effect, you show two small brass screw top boxes: one with a silver colored top and base and the other with a red colored top and base. The spectator freely places her ring into the silver box, and you place a coin in the red box. Then without any tricky moves the ring and coin switch places.

    This effect is easy to do with no complex sleights. However, it does require some practice to get the handling smooth and clean. But since it all looks above board you are not really under any heat at the moments of the moves. Long before the audience thinks the effect has happened you are left clean and smooth.

    Due to the nature of the transposition, you could devise other uses for these boxes such as using the one ahead principle for predictions.

    I think this is a winner from Mark Leveridge – check out his site, he has some very interesting effects just waiting to be discovered.

    Highly Recommended!

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