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Wild Dice by Mark Leveridge

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Effect: This is one of those nice routines which is based on two classic effects (walnut shell and pea trick and the cups and balls) but which uses very different props. In fact, those who know the secret of the walnut shell swindle, for instance, would be very puzzled to see a similar effect done with solid dice, as the original method would be totally impossible.

As with all good routines, WILD DICE starts simply and builds quickly through a series of surprises to a double kicker climax which produces both surprise and spontaneous applause from a lay audience.

The basic principles being used here can in fact be combined to make all sorts of different routines. Although I finally settled on the sequence described here, I have in fact tried several different ideas based along the same lines, and with a little thought you can play around with it too and no doubt come up with your own permutations.

As with so many of my effects I am indebted to my friend Chris Payne for his input. The original routine I devised was not really up to scratch and after a session with Chris I was able to set off at another tangent with the end result being the WILD DICE routine you have here. I hope you enjoy it.

Please Note: You will need to get matchboxes and dice of the correct dimensions to perform this routine, and this may prove difficult.

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