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Chip and Coin Monte by Per Clausen

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More solid brass chip magic from the Danish chip master himself: Per Clausen. During the whole routine you show BOTH Chip and Coins.

Effect: A chip is shown, RED BOTH SIDES, and placed on the table. BORROW two coins and place them on each side of the chip. All three items are now covered with three brass covers. Ask the spectator to follow the chip. Move the covers around and ask the spectator, where the chip is. He is wrong. Repeat a couple of times. He is wrong every time. Remove one of the covers with the coin and repeat with only two covers. The spectator is still wrong and can not find the chip. Finally work with only one cover. Put a die on top so the spectator can identify the chip!! Move it around and ask for the chip. The chip has gone. A coin is left. Bring out the chip from your pocket.

Everything can be examined: Chip, Coins, and Covers! Don’t compare this trick with other versions. With this precision made set, you openly remove the cover of spectators choice, direct, not indirect as with other versions and every time the choice of the spectator is wrong. Easy to do. No sleight of hand.

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