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Collector’s Edition Okito Box Set by Viking Mfg.

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Effect: A Collectors Edition set limited to 50 sets comprised of five distinct Okito Boxes, designed and crafted by George Robinson Jr.; three of which are provided with lids (which are interchangeable). The set has been hand polished and plated in 24K Gold. lt is provided in a walnut display case, making this a beautiful presentation item.

The boxes included in this beautiful set are:

  • Okito Coin Box
  • Boston Coin Box
  • Star Okito Coin Box
  • Reduced Diameter Switch-Out Box
  • Solid Switch-Out Box

Okito Coin Box
The Okito Box was the invention of Dutch magician Okito (Theo. Bamberg) c. 1909, and since its creation, has gone through many variations. Viking has chosen to design its version to satisfy both the artistry of close-up magic and the versatility required of the prop.

Boston Coin Box
The German or Boston Coin Box made its appearance shortly after Okito’s original version. It was quite possibly first manufactured in Germany, but its original name came from the metal it was made from (German Silver), and not the country. It is often attributed to George Boston but George Boston never claimed to invent it and it is more likely that it became known as the Boston box because it originated in Boston.

Star Okito Coin Box
Four coins are placed within the brass box and the lid replaced. The left hand is shown empty but when the hand is reopened it is now seen to contain a gleaming fifty cent piece. The lid of the box is removed and the coins dumped out to reveal only three coins! The three coins are slowly and visibly returned to the box and the lid replaced. The forth coin is shown, then caused to vanish. Upon dumping out the coin from the closed brass box, it is seen that the box now contains all four coins! Finally, the four coins are returned to the box and the hands are shown empty. The coins are now dumped into the left hand, and the box is returned to the table, but this time, open side down. One of the coins is picked up by the right hand, the others tossed onto the table. The one coin is caused to vanish, only to appear under the overturned box!

Reduced Diameter Switch-Out Box
During an Okito Box routine, you may be using the standard Okito Box, or combining it with the Boston Box. Somewhere in your routine you schedule a break by pushing the coins toward the spectator and asking him/her to prove to themselves that your are indeed using but four coins. Ask the spectator to pick up each coin, and to verify the count. Now, ask that the coins be placed within the box. To everyone’s amazement, the coins will not fit into the box! Either the box has shrunk or the coins have expanded (this can lead you into the premise that the box is healing itself, and the opening is getting smaller). You pick up the box and begin to stretch out the opening, at which time, the spectator will have no problem reinserting the coins! You now continue with your routine.

Solid Switch-Out Box
Your routine is just about over. You dump out the coins and place the lid on the box. You lean back and ask the spectator to… “help me one more time. Would you place the coins back in the box. What?, the box is solid! Oh, no, the thing has really healed itself this time, and there’s no turning back. I guess it’s time for a card trick.”  This is a great ending, and leaves your spectators with a memorable experience … that of your defying nature and the elements.

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1 review for Collector’s Edition Okito Box Set by Viking Mfg.

  1. Andy Martin

    Very Beautiful Set of Coin Boxes

    If you’re into coin magic you can’t go far wrong than with these beautiful, heavy gold plated set from Viking Magic. George Robinson did a wonderful job in creating these. Only 50 were made I believe.

    Add a touch of class to your coin act!

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