Aluminum Combination Coin Box Set (Morgan/Eisenhower) by Roy Kueppers

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More aluminum craftsmanship from Roy Kueppers.  Here is a standard set of three boxes (Okito, Boston and Slot) complete with extra lids (the set normally comes with just a single lid) created to work with Silver Morgans and Eisenhower Dollars. Unlike other coin boxes, this 3 piece set is hand-machined from aluminum. The lid of the aluminum set has been given a unique jeweled finish. These boxes are designed to last a lifetime and will never tarnish.

Effect: A box is shown and the lid is removed, the box is shown to be empty (and may be examined). A spectator places a coin in the box. The lid is replaced on the box and it is shaken to assure the coin remains secure within. The box is then placed, on the back of your hand, the spectator may tap the lid of the box. The coin then magically falls from your hand to the table (while the box remains closed on the back of your hand). The box is now shown to be empty and again may be fully examined.

For a finale, you can have a spectator load the box with 4 coins and once again place the box on the back of your hand. This time, remove the lid from the box to display the coins within. This also removes any doubt that the coins have been secretly removed. Replace the lid, tap the lid, and again, the coins (all 4) fall to the table while the box remains closed on the back of your hand. You may now reveal the box to be empty. A visual miracle!

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