Boston-Okito and Slot-Okito Sets by Trickery

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Effect: An interesting set of boxes from Howie and Bob made using anodized aluminum.

Okito Coin Box
The Okito Box was the invention of Dutch magician Okito (Theo. Bamberg) c. 1909, and since its creation, has gone through many variations. Viking has chosen to design its version to satisfy both the artistry of close-up magic and the versatility required of the prop.

Boston Coin Box
The German or Boston Coin Box made its appearance shortly after Okito’s original version. It was quite possibly first manufactured in Germany, but its original name came from the metal it was made from (German Silver), and not the country. It is often attributed to George Boston but George Boston never claimed to invent it and it is more likely that it became known as the Boston box because it originated in Boston.

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