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Impossible Penetration (Original) by Clarence Miller

(c. 1983) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This was Clarence’s most popular effect by far, outselling all of his other wonderful creations. Clarence licensed the effect first to George Kimery of Chalet Magic c. 1987 but sales were not great and so Chalet stopped making them and Clarence passed the rights to George Robinson of Viking Mfg. who was much more successful at marketing the effect. Unfortunately, the effect was ripped-off by so many unscrupulous dealers around the world that even Viking had to stop production. Before farming out to Chalet and Viking Clarence had created 3451 sets of this beautiful effect.

Effect: An absolute IMPOSSIBLE and VISUAL effect! Display the apparatus, and remove the wooden blade. All parts are made of wood, everything can be freely shown. The blade is replaced in the stock. Spectator is asked to place a finger through the opening in the stocks. just below the blades edge. BOOM the solid wooden blade is pushed down through the spectator’s finger! The stock is split open and removed from the blade, the solid blade is left wrapped around the spectator’s finger.

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Approx. Price: $45.00 (2001) ***

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2 reviews for Impossible Penetration (Original) by Clarence Miller

  1. George Guerra

    A Definite Addition to any Collection

    I own both the Viking version and this Clarence Miller original. I like them both, but the “two-tone” contrast between the walnut and the basswood creates one beautiful prop. This one is well built and works smoothly like the Viking model. I haven’t been too impressed with some of Clarence Miller’s props. I have at least three that I removed from my collection, but his Impossible Penetration is probably his best in workmanship. He always personally signs and serial numbers his work…a nice touch. I wouldn’t part with it. Get it, even if you already own the Viking one.

  2. Anonymous

    This is closeup at its finest

    Nobody doing closeup magic shouldn’t be with out this little gem of a fooler. Best of all, it can be handled before and/or after the routine is complete. People marvel at this little prop and if you want to own a great finger chopper/penetrator, this is the way to go.
    This has a 5star wow factor that will put a smile on their face and yours as you deviously "put the blade on their finger". I own the Miller version and have used it for 100’s of demos and it still performs just fine. I am sure the Viking version lives up to the Viking standards and quality also. As a side note….I would really like to see a "head chopper" version of this someday. George…are you listening?

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