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Nest of Boxes – Brass by Viking Mfg.

Another great close-up item from Viking Mfg..

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2 reviews for Nest of Boxes – Brass by Viking Mfg.

  1. Rated 2 out of 5

    Joey Butler

    Love the Plot But …

    I love this trick. I have a plastic version that Tenyo put out. I think it was Tenyo. I always thought this would be great in brass. When I got mine, though, the lids are so tight that the spectator is going to lose interest in opening all five – especially if she breaks a nail doing it! Perhaps constant usage would loosen them a bit.

    Martin’s Magic Comment – I have had two sets of this beautiful trick and have not seen the problems Joey’s having. I also should comment that there are only 4 boxes, not 5, so I wonder if joey even has the same set? I still love it!

    Here are some notes from George Robinson at Viking Magic:

    Our brass Nest of Boxes are made to exacting standards and tolerances. The room where the lathe work is done must be kept at a constant 72 degrees while working on the boxes as any deviation will cause the metal to expand or contract, causing a ‘fit problem’. In making a run which generally consists of 500 to 600 sets (3,600 individual pieces) some variation is expected. We dry-fit every set and test them but even at that some boxes get by us that are either too tight or too loose. If you receive a set that is too loose, we will replace it without question; same goes for too tight. (The cheap copies out there do NOT use this quality control and those boxes are literally junk).

    Polishing the OUTSIDE of the boxes with most brass polish is O.K. but note that Brasso removes metal and is NOT recommended for any of our brass products. We recommend Never-dul which uses a mild chemical reaction that cleans the brass. Then rub the brass with a light oil until the oil is virtually gone.

    NEVER use Brasso on the sliding parts or locking parts of any of our products. NEVER try to fix one of our item without first consulting us.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Larry Wilfong

    Great Effect and it Feels Good, too!

    Using the duplicate outer box takes this somewhat standard effect to a whole new level! The box(es) can be sitting on your close-up pad, loaded in another box, bag or "impossible" location and you’re set to perform a miracle.

    The best part is that the set-up is easy, so you can concentrate on PRESENTATION.

    I want to mention that I did have a problem with my set of boxes being too tight and I had put them aside. During a conversation with George at Viking I mentioned this and he invited me to return my set to his shop.

    His craftsman did whatever Magic it took to fix the problem on ALL the boxes and I’ve been a happy camper ever since.

    Score one for George Robinson! (and me) 🙂

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