Bean Box (Purple Heart) by Louis Gaynor

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If you’ve ever wanted to do a Nest of Boxes close-up, this is for you!

Effect: The performer borrows a coin or ring. It vanishes into thin air. He now draws attention to a small latched wooden box. He picks it up and brings it to the table. He opens the front and slides another latched box out. This box is opened to show that it is full of beans.

A piece of elastic is seen among the beans. The spectator pulls the elastic out and it is found to surround yet another small wooden box. The elastic is removed and the box opened to reveal the borrowed coin or ring inside! Wonderful for parlor or stage, even close-up. Strong, visual audience participation. They love it when you use a borrowed item to perform your magic!

Outer box measures 7-inches wide x 5.75-inches deep x 5.5-inches high. Beautifully handmade by our master craftsman, Louis Gaynor. For this recent limited edition batch he has chosen Purple Heart hardwood with brass hardware for this modern remake of a classic effect. Complete with boxes, beans and an Eisenhower Silver Dollar. Use your favorite method to vanish the borrowed coin or ring.

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