Spring Apart Scissors by Stan Watson

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If you get the original ones signed by Stan Watson himself they will last a lifetime – these photos are of my set which are 42 years old!

Effect: A GOOD “bit of business ” can be worth untold gold to anyone who puts ENTERTAINMENT FIRST AND FORE MOST. Here IS such a bit of business, a priceless gag to use anytime you have a spectator up to assist you with the cutting of a rope, paper or ribbon. The handsome pair of shears supplied WILL cut through any of these commodities when YOU use them. When the spectator is given the shears to do exactly the same thing they spring apart, leaving the spectator holding two separate halves! One moment he has a regular pair of scissors which he commences to use, the next Wham! TWO PIECES!

Supreme ” Spring Apart Scissors ” can be effectively used on their own, or in conjunction with the popular “Cut No Cut Scissors” or “Golden Fun Shears“. They match the latter exactly and can be switched for these at the end of the “Fun Shears Routine” giving it a telling and most decisive climax when the spectator apparently succeeds in breaking the scissors altogether!

Supreme “Spring Apart Scissors” were originated by Stanley Watson. Each and every pair personally tested and guaranteed perfect. For comedy and honest-to-goodness fun anywhere in the act, children’s or adult shows, this must be your definite “Must”.

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Approx. Price: $50.00 (2001) ***

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